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How to file a complaint about a nursing home

I am grateful we live in a country where consumers have a choice of the products and services they buy. Occasionally, you may live in a rural or remote part of the country where you only have a few choices – one car dealer, one dentist, one grocery store, one nursing home. So what do […]

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Talking about your loss, again and again.

In wrongful death cases that involve medical malpractice or negligence by nursing homes, there is one thing that stands out as the most difficult for family members – having to relive their loss over and over during the case.  Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable.  But it’s also manageable, and here are some ideas to make it more […]

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How to plan so Medicaid can pay for your loved one’s nursing home.

The title of this blog is almost ironic. Medicaid, under Virginia law, will pay for the long term care of certain elderly patients who do not have the financial resources to pay for the needed care themselves. Amazingly, families with resources (homes, stocks, cars, and retirement plans) often assume that if they just re-title assets in […]

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Is an assisted living facility a health care provider?

I live in an area where retirees and healthcare are big business. Some of the largest and most profitable employers in the area are our hospitals, nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities. Billboards interrupt our pastoral landscape with images of happy seniors, smiling and laughing over a glass of wine, or relaxing in a […]

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