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Nursing Homes: Many Provide Unacceptable Care

The nursing homes in Virginia are the same as in any other state.  Some are good…some are average…and some are just plain bad. Don’t believe me?  A report released in 2014 by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General found that 22 percent of Medicare patients who stayed in a nursing […]

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Criminal charges in Virginia nursing home abuse / neglect cases

I just read a local news story from Abingdon Virginia where police are investigating the death of an elderly patient of Grace Health Care of Abingdon, a nursing home and long term care facility in Washington County. Though very little is known at this time about the patient, her death, the possible cause or suspected […]

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Virginia Nursing Homes and “the Chandelier Effect”

The title of today’s posts may be a little confusing. What is “the Chandelier effect” and what does it have to do with nursing homes.  The Chandelier Effect is a fancy phrase for what nursing homes do to get you or your loved one into their facility.  It means they spend their money on outdoor […]

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Over-Medication in nursing homes

For years our industry has been aware of a terrible and heart breaking issue related to over-medication of elderly patients in long term care facilities. Let’s face it – a CNA cannot properly care for 30 residents that are mobile, walking, fall risks, who need help getting to the bathroom, dining room, getting dressed etc. […]

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